The Fixtures (r)evolution has just begun.

A complete new solution, a complex fixture in less than an hour without the additional machine tools.

What is Spacefix?

The (r)evolution of space fixture solutions, an unique solution.

Many Companies have been trying to find an alternative to solid fixturing. Solid fixtures are expensive and have a long production lead time. Among these alternatives are: robotic systems, 3D printed fixtures and so on. However, these are not effective and most companies still use old technology... but, we fixed it.

In the current market there is a lack of precise solutions within 3D space fixtures, and... we fixed it.

We offer a wide range of systems covering not only the fixturing needs of tube assemblies but also other parts requiring fixturing in any orientation.

We design and produce all hardware and software components of Spacefix in house.

Our software solution covers all aspects of the process, from the creation of assembly drawings to quality control and final inspection.

Our fixture arms and end tooling ensure fast adjustment, rigidity and strong grip of parts.


An especially useful solution for the following industries


Space vehicles and aircraft use a variety of different sized tubes often with very complex geometry. These need to be carefully pre-assembled and held in place with a high degree of precision in order for welding or brazing to take place.

Spacefix fixtures are used to create a wide variety of production tube assemblies such as hydraulic, fuel, air and many other types.

Some of our customers use it even for small hydraulic reservoirs and aircraft structure parts.

  • Will work with all tube materials: aluminum, stainless steel, titanium, etc.
  • Can be used to create complex fixtures up to 6 meters long in less than 1 hour.
  • Achieves the desired accuracy and control of the entire assembly.


Typical tubes used in rocket and aircraft engines are small in diameter but need to withstand both high pressure and vibration. We designed a special compact system with a 2 x 1 meter table for smaller lightweight tubes.

This industry requires our most precise solution, a modern optical measurement system with tolerances as low as 0.05mm.

For this application we can offer:

  • Fixture arms that have both smaller overall dimensions and footprint.
  • A variety of tooling for the fixturing of different tubes and flanges.
  • A Moving table design that allows the combination of multiple tables and gives the ability to work on any number of tubes simultaneously.


Currently shipbuilders are attempting to move the tube assembly process from inside of ships into welding shops. Our special system for big tubes ensures fast properly orientated assembly of tubes with flanges.

These fixtures have fixturing arms mounted directly onto a metal plate at floor level and have a completely different design from our aviation system.

These are some main features:

  • Big and steady fixture arms for tubes up to 200 kg.
  • Fixtures with dimensions up to 8 x 4 meters.
  • Ability to control not only the fixture assembly but also the welded tube geometry.

Oil and Gas

This market has the need to make a sophisticated geometry pipes for oil or gas pipelines. For these industries we offer our biggest and heaviest solutions. We can create fixtures for tubes with a diameter as large as 800mm and weighing as much as 2 tons.

The Spacefix system allows the creation of a pipe assembly from a 3D model in only 1 day.

Our unique features are:

  • Custom designed super heavy fixture arms.
  • A dimensional capacity of up to 12 x 4 meters.
  • Large volume optical measurement system.

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